Key Rings


So I cleaned off my key ring recently.  It feels really good.  I got rid of some dead weight that weighed much more than the keys themselves.  It’s funny what we end up collecting on our key rings and keep dragging around with us without ever really noticing how much it all weighs and how much time it always takes to find the key you really want, the key you really need.

First, there are the key rings themselves.  Where did I even get this large plastic replica of the St. Louis arch because I know I did not buy it?  And since it was 10 years ago that I lost the 20 lbs that earned me the very heavy (maybe it’s suppose to represent the lbs you took off?) stainless steal keychain bobble from Weight Watchers, I think I can take that off.

Some of the keys I got rid of are keys to places that I no longer want to go.  The keys to the house that my husband and I bought that was going to be our weekend get-away until we both admitted he didn’t love me enough.  Although it’s technically still my house too, it’s now just a part of my heart that doesn’t need a key because it’s broken wide open.  Those keys can come off.

Other keys are to places that I never really had access to in the first place.  The extra “safety-net” keys that my neighbor asked me to hold.  The neighbor who moved away 4 years ago.  Bye-bye key that looks exactly like my apartment key and has caused me identification aggravation for the past however many years.

Then there are the keys that I don’t remember what they unlock.  Somewhere, some time ago there were places with locks that I could get in to.  Diaries, filing cabinets, bike locks, hearts.  Places that are part of a life I’m not living anymore.  Places that I’ve replaced with new places.  Those can go too.

What about those mini plastic membership/discount cards.  Such a great idea!  Yes, I’m just going to put this card on my key ring so I don’t have to bulk up my wallet with more plastic cards.  And every time I come to this store that just offered me this oh-so-smart-and-convenient-and valuable discount card, I’ll whip out my key ring in a flash.  Unfortunately I either never ever go back to that store or I’m too tired, busy, annoyed, lazy, stressed, distracted or otherwise engaged to dig to the bottom of my bag to find the damn discount card to save the 25 cents on the $9.95 4oz container of deodorant.

And now I’m left with the key to my apartment, the key to my classroom, the key to my mailbox, the keys to the new bike locks, and the tiny silver Winnie-the-Pooh and his tiny silver pot of honey.  Some things stay with us forever.  I have what I need now.


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