Top Ten Things I Learned in 2012 (in no particular order)




  1. I love my body.
  2. I have some serious disagreements with at least 50% of my fellow countrymen.
  3. I love my passionate, tender heart which must be handled with great care.
  4. More often than not, I’m the most laid back person in the room (which is a shocking life outcome!).
  5. Mothering a six-year old is about 1,000 times easier than mothering a three-, four-, or five-year old!
  6. I care about a lot more people than I thought I did.
  7. I’m a very good Lego builder.  Furthermore, legos are almost as much fun as Barbies use to be.
  8. I can use a neti pot.
  9. Goggles really do keep water out of your eyes.
  10. People and activities that I love a lot tend to give me a headache!



About kdiannepannullo

I am a teacher, lover, aunt, creator, writer, sister, liberal, socialist, designer, native Texan, poet, sister-in-law, crafter, student, dreamer, believer, advocate, recovering alcoholic, New Yorker, artist, and passionate consumer of McDonalds and Frito pie.

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