Neapolitan Ice Cream (some October evening)


i met the funniest little old man at the grocery store tonight. i saw him wandering around in the center aisle asking something and everyone was just ignoring him and so i stopped and he said “ice cream? for my wife?” and so i directed him where to go and he asked me about the pumpkins in my basket and was i going to put them in my windows…then we parted. later i went down the frozen food section…to see if he found his ice cream and he was intensely studying the orange juice so i went over and saw he had two huge boxes of vanilla ice cream. i told him vanilla is boring and he said he wanted neapolitan , but they didn’t have it. i said surely they have it and i’d find it for him, but he wouldn’t let me. he then followed me over to the frozen fish and tells me about his wife who ate burritos last night and is having severe indigestion and i told him he needed to get some maalox. we stood there for awhile, then i told him i don’t like strawberry in neapolitan and someone always has to eat that part for me. he told me that his wife doesn’t need any ice cream, but i do because i’m too little. he told me where to get frozen fish that is really good and how long to cook it. then we said goodbye.


About kdiannepannullo

I am a teacher, lover, aunt, creator, writer, sister, liberal, socialist, designer, native Texan, poet, sister-in-law, crafter, student, dreamer, believer, advocate, recovering alcoholic, New Yorker, artist, and passionate consumer of McDonalds and Frito pie.

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