Contents of Upended Junk Drawer


7 Metrocards which may or may not have any rides left on them

10 Gift Cards which each have less than $2 left on them

12 pencils in need of sharpening

1 pencil sharpener

1 Halloween pencil

2 felt tip markers

10 Sharpie markers of various colors and sizes

1 green marker

1 highligher

2 mini Swiss Army knives

3 reward member cards

3 post-it note packs of various sizes

1 set of math playing cards from Sal’s homework

2 unopened packs of Dentyne gum

blue painters tape

clear Scotch tape

1 plastic Army guy

1 large glue stick

1 tube and 1 tub of carmex

2 eyeglass screw drivers and 1 screw driver for mini Deck Tech skateboards

1 postage stamp

1 pair of “decent” scissors

1 pair of cat claw cipplers

2 rechargeable batteries (the charger is no where to be found)

1 subway map of manhattan

2 garment tags

1 empty tictac container

1 screw

3 safety pins

3 paperclips

21 ballpoint pens and 1 pen shaped like an electric guitar

3 color pencils



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  1. That’s pretty good. I like to take inventory, on an annual basis, of the contents of my leather jacket. Since I live in Texas, and only wear it when it’s cold enough, it doesn’t get a whole lot of wear. Let’s see — some breath mints (surely, those don’t ever expire, right?), some chapstick (same on expiration, although I have to ‘break it in’ every season (scrap off the outer layer)), a guitar pick (you can never have too many), some pocket lint (like rabbits it grows with no encouragement), and on rare occasion, some money (but not enough to shout about).

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