Top Ten Things I Learned in 2013


In no particular order…

1.  No matter how old you are, when both of your parents are gone from this earth, you feel like an orphan.

2.  Things may get better or worse, but mostly they just get different.

3.  Where you come from and who you come from matters a whole lot more than you realize.

4.  Having a porch to sit on, even if it’s not your own,  is a key ingredient to well-being.

5.  Sometimes it’s best to let things lie for awhile and not try to resolve it.  Sometimes it gets resolved for you.


6.  Sometimes you need to get off your ass and get yourself OUT of the crappy life situation you have somehow gotten yourself into.

7.  Withholding judgement is the greatest gift you can give to others and to yourself.

8.  I have abandonment issues which have become self-fulfilling prophesies.  I’m not so sure about this one, but it’s a theory I’m working on.

9.  Living with a miniature version of yourself can be HELL, but also somewhat endearing!

10.  Watch and listen carefully to what people do to themselves to create their own suffering and try not to do that to yourself.


About kdiannepannullo

I am a teacher, lover, aunt, creator, writer, sister, liberal, socialist, designer, native Texan, poet, sister-in-law, crafter, student, dreamer, believer, advocate, recovering alcoholic, New Yorker, artist, and passionate consumer of McDonalds and Frito pie.

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